Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa is a sonic explorer, armed with a deft poeticism and a fierce sense of musicianship. Behind the multi-instrumentalist’s bold approach to songwriting is an unflinching sense of curiosity and an openness to endless possibility.

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Nambyar is an alternative R&B artist whose candid writing and melancholic delivery gently pull the listener in like a tender embrace. His warm analogue synths paired with dark, aching vocals, evoke an outpour of emotion.

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The 20-year-old born and raised Amsterdammer Zoë Low seems to turn heads everywhere she goes with her warm, inviting vocals. This captivation can already be observed through her SoundCloud page, where her cover songs have quietly amassed over 750,000 streams. Her unique sound has been recognized by the Amsterdam-based boutique label, Bloomer Records, where she will soon release her debut EP, following performances throughout the Popronde, for which she has been selected as an OOR Talent by the influential Dutch music magazine, OOR.

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A shape-shifting Dutch psych rock group with a razor-sharp punk aesthetic, Amsterdam-based Indian Askin was formed in 2012 and dropped their debut album Sea Of Ethanol (Warner) in April 2016, which jump-started their career. In 2019, the band released Another Round, and lead singer and guitarist Nelson Ayala is currently writing the band’s third studio album, set for release in 2021.

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Goeie muziek ademt de tijdgeest. Vic Willems weet het moderne levensgevoel te capteren in betoverende muziekstukken die niet alleen zijn particuliere levensgevoel, maar ook dat van een generatie lijkt weer te geven. De 27-jarige Utrechter Vic Willems dus. Hij maakt intieme, melancholieke luisterpop met persoonlijke teksten op een laagje elektronica. Zijn eerste album Doemdenker/ Wonderkind is zijn eerste proeve van bekwaamheid op Excelsior Recordings.

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Queen’s Pleasure is a hybrid post-punk and garage rock outfit from Amsterdam, whose infectious energy and Brit-infused sound have created some stir in the Dutch indie rock scene. Their debut 2-track EP, “Big Boys Loan/Nico 1995,” was selected for a special vinyl release on the label of the notorious Amsterdam venue, Paradiso. Driven by a brutal and poetic desire for love, channeled through their veritable "wall of sound,” Queen’s Pleasure command attention wherever they go.

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Future Husband is the debut solo project of Adura, whose sound falls somewhere between intimate reflection and cinematic grand gestures. Loose composition and lyrical concepts were reshaped and recorded alongside bandmates/best friends Thomas Bosveld, Ivar Otten, Kike Zwagerman, and Twan de Roo in a location only adding to the ethereal, romanticized feeling of the project: a teepee in the Dutch countryside. The tracks were further mixed in New York by Grammy award-winner Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Sia, Janelle Monáe, Coldplay).

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