Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa is a sonic explorer, armed with a deft poeticism and a fierce sense of musicianship. Behind the multi-instrumentalist’s bold approach to songwriting is an unflinching sense of curiosity and an openness to endless possibility.

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Recognized as a “brilliant harpist” by The New York Times, Remy van Kesteren is an internationally acclaimed harpist. He has performed around the world and collaborated in dance, film, and across musical genres—his own compositions finding 12 million streams and listeners in 182 countries on Spotify alone. With a fresh and creative approach to both playing and developing the harp, Remy is constantly finding unique ways to bring the harp to new audiences, and new audiences to the harp.

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A layered voice with a hoarseness as an asset, a quirky classical appearance, and noir-tinged English-language chansons from the vulnerable, female perspective, Djoeke has distinguished herself as someone of the modern era with an old time flair, a certain je ne sais quoi that allows her to stand out amongst her peers. Her music is an extension of Edith Piaf, sometimes supported with only piano, sometimes by dark instrumentation, á la Portishead. She possesses an inimitable talent—a voice you cannot forget, a voice that wants to break free.

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