about us


Day Four Management is an artist development and management company based in Amsterdam. Day Four’s founders, Sydney Miller and Dennis van Leeuwen, have over 30 years of combined experience working in the global music industry from both the managerial and artist perspective. Given this, they have been able to develop a unique sensibility as to the needs of their artists and how to best support them throughout the expanse of their careers. With an eye to the future and an ear to the ground, Day Four carefully curates its roster to include artists who not only brim with talent, but have stories to tell: genre-bending dreamers who believe in pushing the envelope through their art. We are music-lovers first and foremost. As such, fostering and sustaining relationships with our artists and gathering inspiring teams around them, while supporting and securing their respective creative visions, remains at the heart of it all. This stands as our guiding philosophy. Nevertheless, Day Four Management holds three core values which both define the company ethos and how our team operates:

To be good people and work with good people
To act as facilitators of creative growth for artists of any size, at any stage of their career
To align ourselves with extraordinary talent with inspiring stories & art

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